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Now your're ready to start building ... start manufacturing your own robot toy!

Give a child a toy and they're happy for an hour.
Teach a child how to make their own toys, and they're happy for life!

(°_°) . . . . . (°-°) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (°-°) . . . . . (°_°)
(°o°) . Cognitive Brain Development for Young Children! . (°o°)
(°O°) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (°0°) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (°O°)

Begin by 3D printing your own plastic parts for the end X-Projects
Print while you learn!

Here are the the Lessons Pages




Want something special? ASK!



The miniFloppyBot .STL Files
miniFloppyBot Parts

A few wheel .STL files
60mm 70mm 80mm and 85mm Wheels

A few face .STL files
minifloppybot FACES

Extra Parts for Wheeled miniFloppyBattleBots

Getting more complex with legs
BigFoot miniFloppyBot

Tinydancer miniFloppyBot

BiPedal miniFloppyBot



More Fun with a Camera


The miniFloppyPIXYCMUcam5Bot .STL files

Even Older Cameras!



The miniFloppySquattyBot .STL files
miniFloppySquattyBot Parts



More Fun with a Camera


The miniFloppyPIXYCMUcam5SquattyBodyBot .STL files

Even Older Cameras!
Just ask!



The miniFloppySuperHeroBot .STL Files



More Fun with a Camera



The miniFloppySuperHeroBot .STL Files


So many variations that can be available ... here the speaker is in the front and the "RoboGuts™" logo is on the two sides and back.


A FishyBallBot

the FishyBallBot .STL Files




miniDogBot1 .STL Files




BillyBot .STL Files



Other Fun Projects




Such a simple design, yet so many ways to configure how it functions!

the OmniRover .STL and .DXF Files

R2Pv1-OmniBot1 Kit

So many ways to configure how this bot functions in the world
R/C, Autonomous
and maybe a half-dozen ways it drives around and turns on the ground.


Much More Complex Motion Control

The D.A.I.R. Kit

The D.A.I.R. Kit .STL Files
a Home Hobby Dual Arm Industrial Robot

Suggested Servo Motor Control is the SSC-32
and FlowBotics Software for Position Control
RoboGuts™ for Process Control

The DAIR Kit



The goal for this project is to help every child around the world to move ahead of the average!

Understanding the basic steps of manufacturing comes from hands-on practice and the RoboGuts™ Kits and S.T.E.A.M. Education Program makes this easy and safe for all school children K-12 to get started and become intermediate Roboteers, Inventors, Makers and even Entrepreneurs.

The RoboGuts™ Kit is intelligent content for a full S.T.E.A.M. education program that justifies having a 3D printer in schools for children and adults all ages.


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S. T. E. A. M.

Science . . . Technology . . . Engineering . . . Art . . . Math

Science = Exploring ideas to find solutions and answers

Technology = RoboGuts™ Kits, Lessons in Basic Electronics, Sensors & Motors, 3D Printing and Final Projects

Engineering = Electronic and Mechanical ... Jumper Wiring to make Electronic Circuits, Programming and Mechanical Assembly

Art = Physical and Aural Phonemes for Speech & Song, 3D CAD/Modeling Design, 3D Printing, Finishing, painting the project parts

Math = The RoboGuts™ Kit lessons provide myriad opportunities for exploring mathematics in real world experiments.

FREE beginner lessons!
Robotics S.T.E.A.M. for Volunteer Instructors and any level School Teachers
Boys & Girls Clubs, Scouts, YMCA, Discovery and Maker Spaces

contact wperko @ brainless.org to arrange a class for your organization.

Lessons Pages ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... STL Kit Files


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The RoboGuts™ "BlackBoard"

is designed to be very universal so that it can be used for home hobby animatronics, big and small robots, talking and singing toys for young children and even industrial prototypes.

Users learn to create real usable electronic circuits, users learn how to use phonemes to add sound effects, speech and even singing in any language in BASIC and other programming languages.

The RoboGuts™ circuit board makes small toy building so much fun and young children become totally engaged in learning all they can about what it takes to make their own toys ... and they're making the toys themselves for themsleves!

See how the RoboGuts™ circuit board can host almost any MCU chip or module!

There are basically four sections to the RoboGuts™ circuit board

. . . Section 1: Power distribution for the RoboGuts™ circuit board circuits.

. . . Section 2: The MCU chip/module area on the left that allows for any 2-PINs to 28-PINs MCU DIP chip or module.

. . . Section 3: The bread board area with female headers for jumper wires and standard 3-PIN R/C male headers.

. . . Section 4: The synth chip socket and audio amplifier to add beeps, speech and song in any language.

How the program works;
Step 1: . . . Visit the web page associated for the chip/module you have selected to use with the RoboGuts™ circuit board.

Step 2: . . . See the wiring diagram image on the web page and add jumper wires on your RoboGuts™ circuit board exactly the same way.

Step 3: . . . Click on the wiring image of the diagram to see the programm listing.

Step 4: . . . Copy/Paste the program listing into the programming editor.

Step 5: . . . Download the program to the chip or module on your RoboGuts™ circuit board.

Step 6: . . . Watch the lesson at work.

Step 7: . . . Making changes in the program listing to explore and see how the changes effect how the lesson functions.

Step 8: . . . Move onto the next lesson or end projects.

Lessons Pages ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... STL Kit Files


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Phrase-A-Lator Development Kit

Starting with the Phrase-A-Lator Development Kit the student learns how to use phonemes to add sound effects, speech and even singing in any language using the PC software and audio synthesizer chip. This kit makes speech and song development much easier for multiple projects.

The Phrase-A-Lator Development Kit setup;

Using a USB-to-FTDI cable with a header connector, the wires used are; ground, +V and TX.


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Back in 2006 I realized that at 3pm young children get out of school and join in online FPS/CTF gaming. Thus I began the R2Pv1 Educational Gaming Robot System hoping to move children into one room playing with each other, learning to play nice and not talking to perverts and predators that they find in the online games.

I had also started calling my house a "KickStart House" helping neighbors to learn about technology and find an interest in developing new job skills. Later, when I learned about "KickStarter.com" I changed the name to the L'Robotorium Shop ... http://LRobotorium.com/

By 2011 I started teaching beginner robot classes at a Boys & Girls club ... After the class I continued as a volunteer helping the young children play with robots and learn new skills.

In 2012 I taught a 3D CAD modeling class for a small group of Scouts 3D Design & Print at Scout Sea Base: Lemonade Day and was amazed how fast the kids learned to use the program.

Not having appropriate space for a real L'Robotorium Shop where I could teach anybody that came in the door and have a safe place for young children to play FPS/CTR robot games like the "Castles & Crosses" game I had developed, and space for a few different types of desk top manufacturing machines I began a search for funding to convert a store front near a city transit hub making it easy for children and seniors to come to the L'Robotorium Shop.

In 2007 I started making my RoboToons robot cartoons ... and trying to explore what was in my mind, what I thought might be in the robots mind I began using the 3D CAD models like BillyBot (originally designed to be the primary host for RoboToons cartoons) and the FloppyBots, miniFloppyBots etc.

After a few months I started getting emails from people asking for T-shirts so I created the design for the T-shirt I wear every day. Yes, you can find them http://robotoons.wordans.ca/. Too bad I don't make any money here.

Then after a few years people started pointing to my T-shirt and asking me where they could buy a BillBot robot toy. I had to tell them the BillyBot was only a RoboToons cartoon character, but this got me thinking that since the BillyBot was based on a few real home hobby robotics components I could maybe make a working BillyBot. Hence, BillyBot was born into the real world.

The birth of the RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program Idea

The RoboGuts™ circuit board was born out of the need for a project board that could host almost any MCU chip or module, that is small yet have some bread board area and the ability to add sounds, speech and song to projects.

I needed to make a circuit board small enough to build a real talking and singing BillyBot robot and later for the RoboToons Robot Theater Production characters.

What happened during the design and experiment process is that I realzied I could make a very general purpose µController circuit board aimed towards home hobbyists and younger school children to make learning faster, easier and more affordable.

Having a working BillyBot robot I began building the RoboToons Robot Theater stage and began RoboToons Robot Theater Productions to explore making entertaining educational robot shows. Now I have to learn how to be funny and entertaining as well as educational.

I've pretty much proven I'm not a seasoned script writer ... yet!

Next step on the path is start volunteering to teach beginner robotics classes to Scouts, Boys & Girls clubs and, teach other volunteers how easy it is to teach using the RoboGuts™ Kits to teach to teach adults how to make great toys for children as soon as I can get RoboGuts™ circuit boards and Lesson Kits inventory to sell.

... and hopefully even start making toys for other children stuck in hospitals for long periods of time.

The Basic miniFloppyBot

The Legged miniFloppyBots

The BillyBot


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When I get inventory purchasing a RoboGuts™ Kit will be easy?

Just choose the type of kit you want, send a PayPal to wperko at brainless dot org;

Basic RoboGuts™ circuit board $20 PayPal

RoboGuts™ circuit board + SpeakJet chip $40 PayPal

Double the order save 5%

Ten or more save 10%

Thirty or more save 25%

Help the RoboGuts™ circuit board Kits Take-OFF purchase;
Buy 200 RoboGuts™ circuit boards for $3,000 no other discounts
Allow about 30-days before shipping this order

This will be the rocket launch of RoboGuts™ Kits!

The nice thing about buying kits locally is getting FREE in person "Getting Started" lessons from me.

You can help me purchase inventory to start school classes!
GoFundMe Page
or just donate direct to the cause ...

Contacting me is easy:
wperko at Brainless . org
305 515 9858 or 702 655 2060
4652 N. Rainbow Blvd. Suite 320, Las Vegas, NV. 89108

one owner with a current business value of $5Million
with over 60,000 man-hours of research & development


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