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miniFloppyBot Kit .STL 3D Printer Files














How to print a face

Notice that I added blue painters tape to my heated hot bed. This is to protect the bed from the school glue I use to glue the base of the face down so it can't move during the 3D printing process. Faces are the only time I need to use this extra step to get better printed faces.

I lay down the tape, then I start the heating-up process. Then about 20 cooler than the printing process I lay down a thick layer of glue over the blue painters tape. Then I also rub it around by wetting my finger with water to add more water into the glue because the buid table heat evaporates and drys out the glue so fast.

By the time I've gotten the glue good and juicy the printer begins to move into position to start printing the face part.

After the initial skirt is down I again wet my finger and rub the glue over the edges of the skirt to better anchor it down in place on the build table.

After the face has finished printing, I gently pull the blue painters tape up to the skirt from the sides, then I start to peel the blue painters tape up from the front edge and this allows for an easy removal of the printed face by continuing the peel towards the back.

The blue painters tape being glued to the bottom is not a problem, it just scrapes off with the sharp edge of a knife after using a siccissor to cut away the bulk of the skirt.




























BillyBot Sings "He's Gotta Get Me Some"



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BillyBot Kit .STL 3D Printer Files



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